Fifteen years ago, when I enrolled in a PhD program in Biological and Ecological Engineering with the goal of re-engineering photosynthesis to produce…

December 2022

Since launching the Dendroica Project, I have sought to reserve this space for writings with an ecological spirituality theme while maintaining my old…

November 2022

I have always loved Thanksgiving. In our capitalist world we have a holiday that celebrates shopping for stuff we don’t need and cutting down millions…

October 2022

Autumn is finally arriving in Oregon today, after an extra month of summer. Spring also arrived a month late this year, and farmers who were forced to…

September 2022

When I moved to western Oregon fourteen years ago, knowing that this would be my home for some time to come, I wanted to establish the same sense of…

August 2022

Turning Days growing shorter Dark now at 8:30. Same as mid-April but still summer Oceans and mountains holding the heat That our Sun no longer supplies…

July 2022

I’m rolling across the Palouse of eastern Washington State, a mix of sagebrush and wheat fields in thin soil over basalt – land scoured by the great…

June 2022

When I say that I have an ecological spirituality, I mean that I find sacredness and divinity in the living, ever-changing, ever-evolving planet that we…

May 2022

The Dendroica Project’s first guest post from someone very special to me, with whom I share a way of seeing the natural world that surrounds us. I’ll be…

April 2022

And Other Everyday Miracles

March 2022

Honoring the gift of energy

February 2022

Scents of Time and Place